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motivational-quote_1563381At Alpine Academy Complaints, we fully believe that feedback is an essential aspect of growth and development. After all, how can we know where we need to improve if we don’t know what our struggles are?  For Alpine, the clients are our number one priority. We have a strong desire to make sure that we are meeting the individual needs of our students and their families.  Due to our accreditation with the Teaching-Family Association, each employee in our residential department undergoes an extensive evaluation and review after 6 and 12 months of employment and then each year thereafter. This review is performed by somebody that is not connected to that employee, typically an individual that is outside the chain of command for Alpine in order to make sure that it is a completely unbiased review. This is done in order to maintain fidelity of the implementation of the model we use. The evaluation procedure includes an extensive in-home observation, a review of paperwork and documentation, and consumer surveys.
Alpine academy complaintsAs part of this latter portion of the process, the students and their parents
are given a consumer survey that remains anonymous about that specific employee. The survey is a series of questions on which the consumer rates the employee on a scale of 1-4 where 1=unacceptable, 2=needs improvement, 3=satisfactory, 4=exceptional. They are also given an opportunity to comment on each question. Typically, these surveys are done on a computer to further protect confidentiality of the consumer. We feel this is a great method of getting positive feedback on what we are doing right, as well as giving them a chance to voice concerns and Alpine Academy complaints. These consumer surveys are done on every employee, not just the residential staff or any kind of Alpine Academy Complaints.  Because of this, each student is given regular opportunities to give praise and voice concerns about her therapist, school teachers, and residential staff members. In addition to feedback from students and parents, other employees that work with the employee being evaluated are also given a survey to express their opinions.

Alpine Academy Complaints

Alpine Academy feels that this process leads to a great deal of transparency in the operations of our organization. We believe that this is just one way we can show that we really do desire to hear from everyone and know how we can better serve him or her and improve ourselves. Each employee’s reviews are read by their immediate supervisor who then goes over the evaluation with that employee. This allows the supervisor to recognize the great work the employee is doing and also develop a plan to help them improve in the areas where they got low scores.  If the employee does not average 3.0 or higher on the different categories of the evaluation, they must implement the plan
for 30-90 days and then be re-evaluated on the failed areas.  In this manner, the supervisor can help make sure that the feedback given by students or parents in fully implemented. The parents and students are then asked to again weigh in on how the employee has made the necessary changes.

Below are several of the actual responses from real parents and youth regarding our residential team members (Family Teachers and Associate Family Teachers).  In order to make the responses easier to read, all the responses for several staff members have each been placed under each question.  So there will be many responses from many people about many different staff members. In our ongoing effort to maintain confidentiality, the names of the staff members involved have been removed and replaced with (staff) or (staff members). The number rating comes after the individual’s response. We always welcome every type of feedback because we understand that even alpine academy complaints are opportunities for improvement.

Youth Questionnaire:

. Do (staff members) say nice and encouraging things about you?

“Yes – when I’m having a bad day, they’ll remind me how much I’m loved.” (4)

“Yes – they tell me that I am doing well.” (4)

“Yes – they both tell my parents about how I am doing great and I only hear good things from    others about me.” (4

. Do (staff members) encourage you to share your opinions?

     “Yes – They both encourage me to share what I am thinking when others do and when it is a good time and place.” (4)

     “Yes – one time for family meeting, (staff) told me I should share something about hours.” (4)

     “Yes – they want me to have a voice.” (4)

. Are (Staff members) fair?

“Yes – one time, I was flying under the radar and I did not make many points.  (Staff) said it was partly her fault and mine and she let me go to the privilege activity.” (4)

“Yes – they let us do extra role plays to get our privileges if we are doing good that day.” (4)

“Yes – if someone is being rude, they will give the person who is being wronged another chance.” (4)

. Do (Staff Members) spend individual time with you?

“Yes – when I was having a hard time, (Staff) helped me get through my issues.” (4)

“Yes – (Staff) making time to talk alone with me when needed.” (4)

“Yes – if I really need something, they’ll talk with me in private.” (4)

. Do you feel like you can talk to (Staff Members)?

“Yes – I feel like I can talk to (Staff), but not (Staff).  The reason for that is I don’t feel the vibe with (Staff).” (4)

 “Yes – (Staff) are both extremely trustworthy and I don’t feel upset telling them something.” (4)

“Yes – whenever I am sad or happy, I can talk to them.” (4)

. Do (Staff members) make you feel like you are an important part of this family?

“Yes – they say I am a leader in the home.” (4)

“Yes “ (4)

“Yes – they show that everyone is important to them by just saying goodnight.  They’re super loving and caring.” (4)

. Do you enjoy spending time with (Staff members)?

“Yes – they treat me like I’m part of their family.” (4)

“Yes – They make activities fun and love spending time with the family.” (4)

“Yes – they are both really fun to be around.” (4)

. Do you know how (Staff members) expect you to behave?

“Yes – very well.  I know if I run, bam, they are telling me that I can’t keep behaving like this.” (4)

“Yes – they set very clear rules for us.” (4)

“Yes – they make the home standards very clear.” (4)

. Are (Staff members) good role models?

“Yes – (Staff) is a good role model.” (4)

“Yes – they never act like their crap don’t stink.  They always make our teachings relatable.” (4)

“Yes – they always do what is right.” (4)

. Do (Staff members) encourage you to help out others in your home?

“Yes – they encourage us to all work as a family and help anyone in need, but also to ask for help so we would have to help others.” (4)

“Yes – they always tell me to do the right thing.” (4)

“Yes – for example, definitely with chores.” (4)

. Do you get to talk with important people in your life (ex: parents, caseworkers, siblings)?

“Yes I do, and I am thankful for that sometimes more than other times.” (4)

“Yes – just parents.” (4)

“Yes – I call my parents twice a week.” (4)

. Do you get the opportunity to help make decisions during family meetings?

“Yes – voting on activities.” (4)

“Yes, but I should be assertive more.” (4)

“Yes – all of our opinions are weighed equally.” (4)

. Are you included in decisions regarding your Treatment Plan?

“Yes – I ask for new skills.” (4)

“Yes – I can always go and ask questions about it.” (4)

“Yes – we will talk about my Treatment Plan and discuss it.” (4)

. Are you and all other youth required to wear seatbelts correctly every time you are driving in a vehicle?

“Yes.” (4)(4) – 2 responses

“Yes – they make sure we are all buckled up before we leave anywhere.” (4)

“Yes – it’s a negative if we don’t.” (4)

. Do (Staff), or any other staff, use a mobile device while they are driving?

“No.” (4)(4) – 2 responses

“No – they put their phone away when they drive.” (4)

“Yes – the car is never moving – it’s just at a stoplight.” (2)

. Are there any changes or improvements you think X should make?

“Cut down on portion sizes.”

“Not looking at phone while driving.”

“I would like to see more time to talk with (Staff), even with all the rough things going on to take time to care for everyone.”

. What do (Staff) do best?


“(Staff) is good at cooking and pointing out the little stuff.  (Staff) is good with talking to us in the home one-on-one.”

“They really make our home feel like a family.”

Parent Questionnaire:

. As far as being able to answer this questionnaire is concerned, how familiar are you with (Staff)?


“They are a great team.  Thoughtful, effective, and empathetic.  They have had an extraordinary positive influence on our daughter.” (4)

“They have worked with my daughter for the past 6 months.” (4)

“I have met them, and have had many conversations with them.” (3)

. How satisfied are you with the amount of cooperation and assistance you have received from (Staff) in working with your child?

“They are very accessible and responsive.” (4)

“The information I receive in their reports is detailed, objective, and compassionate.” (4)

“They go the extra mile.  (Staff) personally provided our daughter extra support in preparing for the hike and then supported her to ensure she completed it.  It was a life event for her and is helping her regain her self-esteem.” (4)

. How satisfied are you that (Staff) are doing an effective job in helping your child?


“Based on what I am seeing with [youth], I am very satisfied.” (4)

“Our daughter’s academic performance has been the best of her life.  The teachers challenge, then support her.” (4)

“Our daughter is in a much better place after a year with them, along with all the other supports provided by Alpine.  She is still the same person, with the same personality quirks, but she is so much more reasonable and healthy now than she was before.  We ascribe this change in large part to the behavioral program delivered by (Staff), which is one part carrot and stick, one part love and mercy.” (4)

. How satisfied are you with the level of communication you have with (Staff) concerning your child?

“I know they must be very busy.  The calls I occasionally get from (Staff) are very helpful and I would like to get them more often.  There probably isn’t enough time in the day to call all the parents regularly plus raise your own family.” (3)

“Improvement was needed, but recent changes in the frequency and quality of communications have greatly improved.” (3)

“We do not have consistent communication FROM them on a regular basis.  They are available when we initiate the contact.” (2)

. How satisfied are you that (Staff) are meeting their responsibilities in providing your child with an attractive, clean, safe, and pleasant living environment?

“Overall, we are very pleased with their support and service.  Alpine helped save our daughter’s life.” (4)

“The living environment at the home is outstanding.” (4)

“They are great.  They are always responsive to questions pertaining to our daughter.” (4)

. How satisfied are you that (Staff) are meeting their responsibilities in providing your child with an attractive, clean, safe, and pleasant living environment?

“Overall, we are very pleased with their support and service.  Alpine helped save our daughter’s life.” (4)

“The living environment at the home is outstanding.” (4)

“They are great.  They are always responsive to questions pertaining to our daughter.” (4)

. Any additional comments or suggestions?

“Reinstituting Family Teachers talking with parents after phone conversation with daughter has helped a great deal with our staying current with her and what we need to do.”

“Many times we feel like it’s a pain for them to make time to talk to us.”

“I couldn’t have asked for better Family Teachers than (Staff) for my child’s time at Alpine.”


. Any feedback, comments, or suggestions regarding the Alpine Academy program?

“It’s great.”

“All staff seems to be really engaged with the girls, which is wonderful.”

“Overall, we are very satisfied with the level of care, relationship, and environment they provide to our daughter.  We feel like they are very tuned into her issues.”